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  1. Controlling Watercolor/Tony Couch
  2. Symbols Trees & Water/Tony Couch w/c
  3. Symbols Rocks, Puddles, Weeds/Tony Couch w/c
  4. Painting Streams, Rocks & Trees/Tony Couch w/c
  5. Demo Nighttown- Rag Dolls/Tom Lynch
  6. Morning Light Fresh Flowers/Tom Lynch
  7. Demo Floral Bouquet/Helen DeMaree w/c
  8. Demo Walpi/Pueblo/Betty DeMaree
  9. Demo Walpi/pueble/Betty DeMaree
  10. Partly Cloudy/Jason Williamson
  11. Protrait of an Artist/Noguchi
  12. Legacy of Light/Monet
  13. Woman in Art/Georgia O’Keefe
  14. In a Brilliant Light/Van Gogh in Arles
  15. The Savage Dream/Paul Gauguin
  16. Demo First Spring Shower/Robert Oliver
  17. Stone Carving/L. Montoya
  18. The Figure in WC/Charles Reid
  19. The Figure in WC/Roberta Carter Clark
  20. Glorious Garden Flowers/Susan Harrison Tustain
  21. Problems and Solutions in W/C, Pt I/Trudy Friend
  22. Problems and Solutions in W/C, Pt 2/Trudy Friend
  23. Success with Oils/Melanie Cambridge
  24. Basic Techniques- decorative                           
  25. Paper is Part of the Picture/Strathmore
  26. Snow Surprise/Roland Roycroft
  27. Watercolor Workshop/Robert Wade
  28. Brush with Watercolor/Terry Harrison
  29. Understanding Artist Brushes/Windsor Newton
  30. Watercolors 2 Workshops/Adele Earnshaw
  31. The Figure in Watercolor/Charles Reid